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Wake Me Up When September Ends

For many, September brings along new beginnings. School starts back up and summertime slowly slips away. The cooler crisp air makes a comeback along with routine.

It can be an exciting time, but for me it brings along a melancholy feeling that I can never quite shake. September brings along the dread of realizing that September 11th is only days away. No matter how often I talk about this day, whether because of the book or otherwise, it always seems like this dreadful date feels much more real and tangible as we approach it. The feeling of 9/11 hangs in the air like a dark cloud.

And somehow this year feels even worse. Somehow between all that’s happening in Afghanistan, it being the 20th anniversary, keeping up with blogging, attending speaking engagements, and everything else we’ve got going on, it’s worse.

I know I made my bed this year a bit by writing a book on the topic. I knew it would become overwhelming around this time. I pushed through the pain for the greater purpose of sharing these stories. But at some point, it’s important for our own health that we take a step back.

In Rise From the Ashes, I shared how the best way Jon and I have preserved our mental health around September 11th is by stepping away from social media and doing something fun in memory of his dad. Even though it seems counterintuitive from the perspective of book sales and press for Rise From the Ashes, I refuse to compromise from these values. That’s why this year, starting today, I’ll be stepping away from social media for a full week. I’m looking forward to spending that time unplugged and with family.

If you’re feeling like everything is a little too much right now, I encourage you to do the same. I look forward to connecting with you all after this time.

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