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Early Praise

"In her book, Rise from the Ashes, Payton Lynch, discovers the thread of resilience that is woven through the stories of 9/11 surviving children. Through their heartbreaking and emotional stories, along with Lynch’s personal struggles, we are left with an inspirational piece of work that give us all the tools to thrive after adversity."

Lorilee Binstock

Founder | Binstock Media Group

Host | A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast

Editor-in-Chief | Authentic Insider Magazine

“This is a powerful book about adversity, resilience and encountering challenges. Many of us remember this day but we don't fully understand the depth, reach and impact it had on the countless number of people many years after it happened. There are so many life lessons to take away from these stories and the people that inspired them.”

John R. Walsh 
CEO | StandoutX, LLC

Host | The Standout Experience

“Payton’s insight to her needs and the connection to the pain and growth of others is admirable. I can’t wait to see how she will change the world through her vulnerability on this rollercoaster ride called life!” 

K (Kathleen) Thomas, APCC

Clinical Training Manager | North Country Lifeline

"Payton has a beautiful way of writing, so warm and engaging. I have been with Tuesday’s Children for most of my career and must say that I continue to meet new 9/11 family members. Such is the case with Payton’s book. Many of them I did not know, but now feel like I do. That is a tribute to Payton and how she introduces them to the reader and continue to weave them throughout the book. Payton has delivered a wonderful book, not a scary narration, that people will learn from and gain understanding."

Kathy Murphy

Senior Program Director | Tuesday’s Children

“At first glance, Rise from the Ashes, written by Payton Lynch is a haunting reminder of how the effects of tragedy can linger on for a survivor’s lifetime. But as I delved through each chapter, it quickly became apparent that these are stories of triumph. Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s infinitely more difficult when that loss is also a moment seared in history. Payton artfully tiptoes into each individual story with sensitivity, kindness, and grace. She aptly utilizes her writing capabilities and sense of compassion to deliver heartfelt tales of homage, perseverance, and strength. I was mesmerized, enthralled, and unable to put Rise from the Ashes down. Although I was only a distant witness to the events of 9/11, Payton Lynch gave me a sense of closure I didn’t realize I needed.”

Joann Tierney-Daniels

Founder | JTD Health, Wellness & Life Coaching

"This book is amazing and captures the spirit of faith, hope, and resilience that emerged from 9/11."

Sue Y. McGorry, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Provost, Assessment and Student Success | DeSales University

“In this compelling memoir, Payton shares real life stories of 9/11 children survivors in a way that will move and inspire the reader. It is an impactful story of love, human perseverance, triumph, and well worth the read.”

Marlene McConnell

Founder | My Centered Life
Host | Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope

“Rise From the Ashes provides an intimate, yet profound insight into the irreparability that 9/11 children suffered in the years that followed. A must read.”

Matthew Bocchi

Author | Sway

Payton has a special ability to grasp the reader attention instantly with powerful storytelling from a day that we all remember. This story is told from an incredibly unique point of view which only Payton and Jon can tell. Rise From The Ashes is not only a heartfelt story, but a framework to take lessons from the hard times. At some point or another, we all have and will face loss and trauma, Payton reminds us that we can bounce back from trauma, and thrive as a result.

Tyler Meckes

Host | The 20% Podcast

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The Tracy O Show | How The Children of 911 can inspire us to Rise From the Ashes

March 2, 2021 | 911 was a day Americans will never forget. It changed us all, but it changed no one more than the children of those tragically killed. Payton Lynch, Author of The book "Rise From the Ashes" tells their stories.

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